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The Play Practice Formula™ combines all of our best concepts, research, training methods, and thinking tools developed over 15 years into a holistic basketball education delivered to each player in 3 main phases:


Phase 1: Explore

We take a personalized approach to exploring the player’s current situation, as well as identifying their struggles, fears, and aspirations for the future. We then funnel all of that data into a prioritized training progression plan before beginning our footwork foundations that set the base for all other skills.


Phase 2: Develop

We accelerate player physical and mental capabilities by increasing shooting range, identifying situational scoring skills, and creating an order of operations to simplify the player’s decisions in real-time game play.


Phase 3: Compete

We integrate the individual skills learned in Phase 1 & 2 with a group competitive environment where each player learns how to multiply advantages, enhance their instincts and decision speed, and become the decisive competitor they aspire to be!



Sean Curran

BJ is a great teacher of basketball!!! I highly recommend him to any parent who wants their child to learn how to play basketball the right way!!!!

Danielle Purington

My son has gained so much self confidence, from working with BJ! He has also grown as a player as well. He is anxious for his work outs and loves meeting all the new kids!! BJ offers and amazing program!!

Kyle Mohney

All 3 of my sons have taken lessons from coach BJ over the years and I highly recommend Play-practice. Their skills are improved over the course of the lessons and, most importantly they had fun doing it!



Coach BJ Mumford

BJ Mumford has been working with players and coaches from elementary school to pro’s around the world including the USA, South America, and the Caribbean since 2005. He holds a B.S.S in Coaching from the United States Sports Academy, and a FIBA license and USA Basketball Gold license, as well as a TAGteach level 2 certification. 


Coach Mumford is a passionate advocate for making practice fun, game-relevant, and consistent for players. His player-centered approach and ability to simplify any skill or concept puts players at ease when learning new things regardless of the level of difficulty or complexity they encounter in training.

Coach Ryan Seavey

Ryan Seavey joined us in Fall 2018 and now leads the majority of our after school programs. Coach Ryan has over 4 years of player development experience and enjoys working with our 1on1 advanced players, as well as leading our youth training programs. Ryan is a graduate of Somersworth HS in NH where he played 4 years of varsity basketball.


Email. info@play-practice.com

Phone: 603-303-3972 (call or text)

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