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Coaching Memberships: Let us be your personal behind-the-scenes assistant coach!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

It's 2020. You just found out all of the limitations that will be implemented this basketball season, with games starting later, playoffs ending earlier, and limited gym time available for practice due to social distancing and sanitization protocols.

Parents and players are eager to get training started, and you want to make sure everyone can hit the court running. You've been looking over plans for the season, reviewing player and team weaknesses to be addressed from last season, and wondering what physical condition players will be in after 8 months away from basketball.

You already know that school budgets are tight, basketball-specific strength & conditioning coaches are rare, your coaching staff has limited availability outside of practice and games, and you have full-time career commitments in addition to coaching...

We can help!

Think of us as your personal behind-the-scenes assistant coach, allowing you to leverage your time on the court while we handle film, stats, and player development practice design.

We know you want to help players improve, so we are here to help you provide players with a great experience while also winning more games!

Schedule A Free Discovery Call in the Month of November!

Listen as Coach Scott McClure discusses his experience using Play-Practice to support his team's development as an AAU coach:

Are you a volunteer coach with no assistants, no time for stats or film study, and limited practice time?

Are you a school or AAU team coach that needs support to handle film analysis, practice design, and individual player workouts during the season?

Are you a program director in charge of multiple teams, struggling to find ways to support your coaching staff on a limited budget?

See all Coaching Membership options here

Let us help you simplify, prioritize, and design practice solutions based on your input and our game film and stats analysis for as little as $150/ month.

All levels include at least 1 Virtual Micro Session workout that you can assign to any player that is struggling with a specific skill. You can use this anytime with any player and we will get them up to speed and ready to hit the court in 15 minutes flat!

Our Silver level and higher memberships include a team feedback video using game footage to demonstrate and narrate where the team is performing well, and areas of improvement, that can be shared with all players and parents. 

At our Gold level or higher, we will even come to your gym to run a specific skill development practice for you!



How would you like to have a personal trainer provide a pre-season strength and conditioning workout for your team right on the court? 

Sign up for our Gold or Platinum level coaching membership or higher by November 1st, and we will provide your team with a 30-minute strength and conditioning workout with Coach Kelly Coder at Postural Foundations for free! ($150 value)


Are you a parent and know a coach that needs help? As long as they are on board with our involvement, you can purchase a membership for them!

Contact us here Want to discuss your options with one of our team members? Schedule a free phone consultation here!

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