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Is your player at risk of Injury due to poor postural alignment?

One of my favorite success stories involves a 9th grade basketball player who came to me with a significant low back injury and a laundry list of past injuries involving his knees, shins and ankles.

After only a few sessions working together on his postural alignment, we started seeing some incredible changes. And over the next few months the young athlete started feeling the difference in his performance. He began seeing an ease of movement, improved explosiveness, and an ability to stay on the court for longer and longer stretches without pain or injury.

Fast forward three years later and he has gone from the sidelines, nursing injury after injury, to starting for his varsity team, playing an incredible amount of minutes and impacting the game on both ends!

Following an initial postural evaluation; locating his biggest structural imbalances and identifying his movement impairments, we created his first customized, corrective exercise routine. Progressing through the foundational method and building to strength and stability programming, we were able to get the young athlete to a place where he is now able to enjoy the sport he loves with no restrictions!

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There is no greater threat to an athletes success than INJURY. Simply put; if you can't stay on the court, you can't PERFORM.

Of course injuries will happen. Broken bones, sprains, strains, and tears can happen at ANY moment. However, if the correct measures are taken; injuries, especially non contact ones, can be GREATLY reduced.

In a similar way, OPTIMAL performance and greater movement efficiency can be attained by creating balance and symmetry in the structural system.

A POSTURAL ALIGNMENT assessment provides an objective evaluation of the athletes imbalances and deviations. A customized corrective exercise program can then be developed to address the athletes individual misaglinments. Effectively addressing these deviations, especially at an early age, can provide INCREDIBLE benefits.

While injury prevention and athletic performance enhancement are KEY benefits of corrective exercise and postural alignment, pain reduction and long term health are arguably even more important. In the long run, the athlete's body will thank them by allowing them to continue participating in the activities they LOVE and waking up each day feeling less pain and restriction in their daily movements.

When the body is more ALIGNED and symmetrical, more effective HEALING can take place. Inflamed, strained, or over-active muscles can have a chance to REST more easily. When this healing takes place the body can recover faster, allowing better function, efficiency in movement, and decreased pain. Use of pain medication or potential need for surgery can be drastically decreased or eliminated completely.

In the short term young athletes will notice a sense of weightlessness, looseness and BALANCE. They will feel more grounded and stable, more aware of their body after completing their customized corrective exercise routine. They will tend to see a translation to quickness, explosiveness, STRENGTH and SPEED! The athlete will move more efficiently, and they will have more energy to complete motions that may have been restricted previously.

For a young athlete, staying on the court or field is the NUMBER ONE priority. If they are balanced, aligned and efficient, the likelihood of them maintaining their health is multiplied. If they can stay HEALTHY, they can compete. And if they can recover more effectively, they have the chance to improve every day. Whether in the weight room or on the court, they will have the chance to better themselves. Improving their chances for a successful (and fun!) athletic career.

In the long run, the healthier and safer they can be throughout the athletic process, the happier and more FULFILLED they will be later into life. They will be able to continue with the activities they love, passing their passion on to others and experiencing life in a greater way, without restrictions of pain and physical limitations.

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