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Is your player missing the benefits of video feedback?

Your player is likely to reach their high school varsity team having played hundreds of games over an 8-10 year career, without receiving any individual feedback based on the film of practice or games.

Meanwhile, their coaches are likely giving each player 1000 words at every practice about what they are doing wrong and how to change it.

(If a picture is worth 1000…. How many words is a video worth?)

The coaches themselves may watch game film, but rarely if ever capture or evaluate film of practice to evaluate their staff and players on the quality and effectiveness of practice.

What’s more, what the coach chooses to prioritize in practice is often unrelated to game situations (players are bored) or even contradictory to what they practiced in the past (players are confused), both of which lead to coach and player frustration and wasted practice time spent on the coach talking, or players running sprints.

Video capture is now easier for the average player with a smartphone than even typing a text, as proven by the prevalence of apps like TikTok, and Facebook and Instagram stories.

Apps and analysis such as Homecourt, Coach’s Eye, and Hudl make the breakdown of film, stats, clips, and sharing of video incredibly easy for coaches to use.

So why are players not benefitting from this?

We don’t know…

So we set out to make sure every player we work with receives video feedback every month based on both game and practice film.

Part of our 360 Player Assessment includes watching a complete game film of your player in a live competition. This allows us to analyze their measurable stats such as field goal %, as well as understand their role on the team, the situations they encounter most frequently, and the decisions they make.

Once they join the Formula program your player will create a profile on Homecourt, gaining access to our recordings of their workouts where they can view film of every shot they take, sortable by makes, misses, 3pt shots, etc available 24/7 on the Homecourt platform.

Over the 90 day duration of the Play Practice Formula program, our players average over 1800 shots taken, and can use this database to remind them of their progress, and track their career practice stats over time!

Our monthly feedback video uses coach-selected clips from Homecourt each month to demonstrate and explain the 3 most important improvements the player has made by contrasting their 1st attempt with their most recent workout. Using the coaches’ illustration and narration of the key differences, your player can see themselves through the coaches’ eyes and understand far more than 1000 words in under 2 minutes.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Our 360 Player Assessment ($300 value) is our gift to help you navigate your player's path toward their basketball dreams.

The 360 Player Assessment includes:

  • 30 min consultation call with a parent

  • 1 full game-film analysis

  • 30 min on-court 1on1 evaluation with player

  • 30 min player Zoom call debriefing

  • 360 Player Assessment Report

Book a free consultation call to get started

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