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New! Now offering Strength and Injury Prevention Training on a schedule that fits your needs!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Does your child suffer from repeated ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder injuries?

Do you struggle to help your player stay motivated to do consistent strength or flexibility exercises?

Is your schedule too full to get them (or you) to a strength training class on a weekly basis?

If so, we have a solution just for you!

We are teaming up with our partner Kelly Coder at Postural Foundations to bring you strength and conditioning training on a schedule that works for you! 

All Play-Practice clients are eligible to sign up for either Injury Prevention or Strength and Power Training (details below).

The best part is that we are coordinating our scheduling with Coach Kelly to match your court time with Play>Practice coaches - allowing you to step off the court before or after your basketball session and right into a personal fitness workout.

Whether you are working with Play-Practice coaches virtually, 1on1, or in a Practice Pod, we have options to save you time and maximize your athletic potential all in one place - in a single trip to the court!

Injury Prevention Training

Improve your functional movement, mobility, quickness, and reaction time!

Our injury prevention workouts use bodyweight and resistance band exercises to increase body awareness, muscular symmetry, and structural alignment, helping players run faster, change direction quicker, jump higher, and most importantly decelerate, stop, and land safely!

  • 30 min single session = $35

  • 12 session package = $300 ($25 per workout)

  • Membership (includes 4 workouts/ month ) = $120/ month recurring payment ($30/ per workout)

  • Practice Pod discount - workout with 3+ of your Pod mates for only $15 each, or $60 off the membership!

  • Available at our training locations in Dover (Saturdays 1-3 pm) and Hampton (Wednesday 5-8 pm)

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 Virtual Injury Prevention Training

  • 30 min Virtual session performed over Zoom = $25/ workout

  • 12 session package = $240 ($20/ workout)

  • Membership (includes 4 workouts/ month ) = $85/ month recurring payment ($21.25/ workout)

  • Available everywhere!

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Strength & Power Training

Build strength, reinforce joints, and develop explosive power!

Our full-body strength and power workouts are hosted at the fitness training facility at The Rim providing all necessary equipment for developing optimal strength, power, and conditioning for each athlete. Each workout will progressively challenge the player to improve their performance on the court by reinforcing the quality and range of motion for each movement, ensuring that balance, symmetry, and structural alignment are maintained as they increase their explosive athletic ability! 

  • 30 min single session = $65/ workout

  • 12 session package = $600 ($50/ workout)

  • Membership (includes 4 workouts/ month ) = $220/ month recurring payment ($55/ workout)

  • Practice Pod discount - sign up to workout with 3+ of your Pod mates for only $35 each, or $100 off the membership!

  • Available at The Rim in Hampton (Wednesdays 5-8 pm)

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Membership or



 As part of our commitment to our players' and parents' health, if you sign up for either the 12 session package or monthly membership.....

Coach Kelly will provide a Free posture evaluation for both parent and player to make sure the whole family is aligned going into the competitive (and bleacher-sitting) season


One parent per week will be invited to participate in a weekly fitness workout either side-by-side with your player, or drop-in for our special "Parents Night" workout at 6 pm on Wednesdays at The Rim!

Sign up for any Membership or Package here!

Part of a pod and want to get in on the discounted rate?

Email us here

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