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Virtual Micro Sessions - The evolution of virtual coaching

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Do you see your child failing to get individual attention during team practices?

Do you want them to have a specific, individualized workout to use when practicing at home?

Have you ever wanted your child to have access to on-demand individual coaching to troubleshoot issues that arise during the season? 

We can help!

Part of our mission at Play-Practice Basketball is to accelerate player's learning by delivering precision, real-time feedback to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Our Virtual Micro Sessions are the next step in the evolution of virtual coaching, and the revolution we started in 2020 by turning the camera on the player and providing individualized real-time feedback (Most programs provided the opposite - the equivalent of a live youtube video - with the camera facing the coach, doing a demonstration without feedback).

By reducing each workout to a single skill and using a combination of game film and the player's perspective to inform our practice design, we can reach players where they are both mentally and physically, anytime they need help.

As an addition to our existing galaxy of services, Virtual Micro Sessions are the cost- and time-effective alternative for busy parents and busy athletes - especially during the basketball season!

How it works:

  • The player/ parent sends us a minimum of 30 seconds of game film to show the context of the skill the player wants to work on (can include multiple clips)

  • We combine our expert film analysis with the player’s description of the problem to inform our workout design

  • We discuss the plan with the player before they hit the court, and answer any questions they have

  • Each session can be performed on any basketball court with a hoop, anywhere in the world

  • The player listens to instructions via Bluetooth earbuds and performs the skill while our coaches observe them live using any Zoom-enabled device connected to wifi or cellular network

  • Coaches provide precision real-time feedback and course corrections until the player is able to perform the skill with confidence

  • Our promise is to get them up to speed and confident in that skill in 15 minutes flat!

Virtual Micro Session - Schedule a single session here

Our Micro sessions are now available to our monthly members as part of our commitment to providing value year-round with options to fit every season, budget, and schedule!


Purchase a 10 session package before November 30th, and we will include a video recording and transcript of each workout for the player to reference our instructions, reminders, and coaching cues to use when practicing at home!

November 2020 special offer!

We have set the goal to give away 30 Virtual Micro Sessions in the month of November - help us reach our goal by signing up yourself and a friend!

New clients that schedule a phone consultation in the month of November, will receive a Virtual Micro Session for free - just for talking with us!

Schedule now

Current clients that refer anyone to book a phone consultation in the month of November will also get a free session for themselves!

Just copy and share this link with a friend, and tell them to enter your name in the "Referred by" box


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