• BJ Mumford, B.S.S

Which youth basketball player do you have?

"The Hot Potato" - Your player is nervous in games, defers to any other player they can pass the ball to, and seems hesitant to attack the basket when they have the chance.

"The Defender" - Your player is a good athlete and great on defense, likely plays soccer or another endurance sport, but can’t make a shot in a basketball game!

"The 1-Armed Bandit" - Your player has a clearly dominant-hand side, and they have at least 1 move they use to score frequently, but if well-defended they shutdown and stop trying, or end up taking forced shots.

"The Tweener" - Your player is likely 12-14 years old and skilled, but has stopped progressing. They may be adapting to a growth spurt and struggling with stiffer competition or new role on the team. They may be feeling burned out and frustrated that their current skill set is no longer working. They won’t listen to you anymore…. and roll their eyes at your attempts to offer coaching advice!

We help 10-14 year old basketball players transform from uncertain participants to decisive competitors so they can double their scoring opportunities and eliminate their fear of mistakes in 90 days or less!

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This 90-day program combines all of our best concepts, research, training methods, and thinking tools developed over 15 years into a holistic basketball education delivered to each player in 3 main phases:

Phase 1: Explore

We take a personalized approach to exploring the player’s current situation, their parents and coaches perspective, as well as identifying their struggles, fears, and aspirations for the future. We combine those insights with game-film analysis, on-court evaluation, and functional movement tests to establish a baseline of ability. We then funnel all of that data collected into a prioritized training progression plan before beginning our footwork foundations that set the base for all other skills.

Phase 2: Develop

We accelerate player physical and mental capabilities by increasing shooting range, identifying situational scoring skills, and creating an order of operations to simplify the player’s decisions in real-time game play.

Phase 3: Compete

We integrate the individual skills learned in Phase 1 & 2 with a group competitive environment where each player learns how to multiply advantages, enhance their instincts and decision speed, and become the decisive competitor they aspire to be!

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